Learning Support

Learning support is available to all pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) to encourage development of metacognition, improve self-esteem and create a positive approach to learning with a growth mindset. Specific support is offered early morning or at lunchtime for years 6-11, and in study periods for years 12 & 13. Additional support for other pupils (ie not SEND) who are experiencing difficulties with a particular skill, or in a subject, may also be available.

All pupils are screened for dyslexia on entry and in year 9. Screening for possible exam access arrangements is also carried out in year 8 and 9 and followed up as appropriate.

All pupils with a diagnosed condition that may impact on learning and progress have a pupil profile which outlines their strengths, weakness and possible classroom adjustments and teaching strategies.

The Learning Support Co-ordinator can be contacted via the school office.