Overseas Application

There are special considerations to be taken into account if you are applying from overseas. This mainly concerns the fees payable and the entrance procedures. We have prepared a sheet of information that summarises these considerations.

Please click on the button below to download the Overseas Registration Form or complete the online Boarding Application Form.

Important. You will be prompted to confirm that you have read and understood the school’s Terms & Conditions before you download the Registration Form.

Loughborough Grammar School Boarding Application Form

You will need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view these files.


Candidate families applying from mainland China should contact our representatives in China:



电话:+86 (0)21 31651368(上海办公室),+86 (0)10 86487115(北京办公室)


电邮: [email protected]


微信:英国传统寄宿学校UKBS(订阅号), 英国私立寄宿中小学(服务号)


Tel: +86 (0)21 31651368 (Shanghai Office),+86 (0)10 86487115 (Beijing Office)

Add: Floor 3, BLDG 5, No.258, West Fuxing Road, Shanghai, 200031, China

Email: [email protected]


WeChat: 英国传统寄宿学校UKBS(订阅号), 英国私立寄宿中小学(服务号)