Academic Curriculum opens doors but Extra-Curriculum allows young men to walk through them and thrive.

Extra-Curricular relates to everything that we do outside of the academic classroom.

It is also a major strand of our pastoral care. We ensure all boys are involved in all areas of the school. The Thomas Burton Award is the curriculum we use to develop those non-examined but equally important skills.

In the menu to the left you will see lists of the activities that your son can get involved in. Please take the time to look at these with him. There are also details of other larger areas of Extra-Curricular such as sport, drama, CCF and trips.

We are now in the second year of the Thomas Burton Award. This is our ‘curriculum for non-curriculum’. Despite its name extra-curricular is not an ‘add-on’ for a rounded education for the few but rather something we must ensure that all boys have access to and take advantage of. The TBA is the way we ensure this. Each year group has a different Award scheme to develop the skills and resilience that is necessary in their future lives. Please click here for further details about the Award.

Each department, both curricular and extra-curricular, has developed a pathway to help pupils and parents see the range of activities that are available. These are also published on the left.

Our Music department offers over 50 groups and ensembles. These are not included in the lists to the left but can be found here. You do not need to have your instrumental lessons at school to be able to join these.