Cadet Force

Loughborough Grammar School CCF (Combined Cadet Force)

CCF stands for Combined Cadet Force and is a uniformed youth organisation. The word Combined is used because the CCF has sections from all three of the UK’s armed services including the Army, Navy, RAF and in some cases, if the school is lucky enough, the Royal Marines. It isn’t just open to independent schools; the government has now seen the advantages it brings and has decided to launch what is called the Cadet Expansion Program enabling 500 State schools to open up their own CCF contingent. I have been part of the CEP and have seen personally how the CCF benefits all young people involved.

Students involved with CCF follow a syllabus covering a number of topics based on military subjects. Some of these include: shooting, map reading, drill (marching), adventure- training and field-craft. The latter is one of the most enjoyable elements in which students eventually conduct scenario-based battle exercises and lead mock attacks and battles.

CCF students are offered ouccf2tstanding opportunities.  If a cadet is keen and proactive, the MOD provides annual ski
trips, mountain biking and other adventure training excursions as well as regular military themed camps.

What does this mean for Loughborough Students? The boys get the opportunity to take part in co-curricular activities which are completely outside the normal school environment. They can also use other skills they gain at School including first aid and the Duke of
Edinburgh award to assist them completing their cadet syllabus at their respective levels. It also gives boys who may not excel in an academic environment a leadership role where they often perform above expectation. These experiences and achievements will enhance a C.V. and make a very favourable impression on future employers.

The LGS CCF needs 100% commitment from not only the staff but also from cadets and their families for it to be a successful, enjoyable experience. CCF staff work hard to ensure the smooth running of the School’s contingent and for this to remain, the boys who are cadets must not only follow the school’s ethos but  must also follow the CCF core values of loyalty, integrity, courage, discipline, respect for others and selfless commitment. All of these skills are developed and encouraged throughout the boys’ time in the CCF, and can be transferred and used in future education and employment.img_3445

Recently some of our boys attended the Army’s central camp 2016 which is a week away conducting numerous military and adventurous activities. Loughborough Grammar School boys were used as the exemplar school, and the military staff running the week asked if we could go back again next year and said they hoped the next generation of cadets are as good and as hard working as this year’s: a true testament to the professionalism of the CCF staff and dedication of the Loughborough Grammar School Students. These boys will be going on next year to represent the school and CCF in a number of important, military competitions.

I have only been at the Grammar School since January 2016 but am looking forward with great excitement to the future of LGS CCF.

SGT Mick Hall (School Staff Instructor)