Steamy Naples 02.05.12

The classics trip to Italy all in all, was like a Latin lesson put into reality. It was a trip full of life changing experiences, culture, art, and the day-to-day madness and mayhem of stereotypical Italian life. We found the pleasant scenery of the volcanic region a wonderful setting to spend our time in.

The day in Pompeii was a particular highlight – we were bowled over by the size of the amphitheatre where so many gladiatorial fights took place. It was fascinating to wonder through the different rooms of the public baths where the Pompeians cleaned themselves and socialised.

Ascending Mount Vesuvius was both exhausting and exhilarating – at the summit we were able to peer into the smoking crater and take in the stunning views of the bay. Thankfully it didn’t erupt while we were up there!

We had a great time at Cumae too where we were able to travel through an underground tunnel to find the site where the Sibyl prophesied to the ancients. There was even someone dressed up to help bring the ancient prophetess to life.

On the last night, we were treated to a local Italian musical, called Tarantella. We had a wonderful time singing along, followed by an after show party where we reflected on all of the wonderful experiences we had shared and the memories we would take with us forever.

We would like to thank Mr Pollock and the other staff for their hard work in running the trip and giving us all such a brilliant time.

Jay Daji, Ethan Stratford, Dilan Vithlani