Art Achievement 24.01.17

We are delighted to be displaying our students’ work at the Oberon Gallery, Leicester. The work chosen for display demonstrates the interesting concepts and fine skills of our A Level Art students.

Peter Liu has presented a painting called Hanashigure which explores solitude, rain, water, humility and sakura. The sakura is a cherry blossom native to Japan. The person is the distance is an old man with shoulders slumped, in the rain, who was here to absorb the atmosphere of the fields. If you could put the atmosphere of a painting into a person it would probably look something like him.

Billy Stockwell has painted Incognito. This piece explores the concept of hidden personality traits, with the subject disclosing all her various psychological states in deliberately similar physical forms. This unearths the conflict of perception versus reality, and whether superficial judgements of character allow for a deep enough understanding of our mind’s complexities and symbiotic functioning.

Guy Hagon has displayed a mixed media piece called 211. He was inspired by Santiago Caruso, and aims to tell a story using objects. The story told is about a British armed robbery.  ‘211’ is the code given to police when an armed robbery occurs. I created the initial composition on Adobe Photoshop as part of a project exploring the relationship between people and meaningful objects.

We are incredibly thankful for this opportunity and invite all parents, students and visitors to visit the Oberon Gallery.