The Foundation continues to be committed to promoting community engagement, in accordance with which the Loughborough Grammar Sschool and Loughborough High Sschool Classics Departments are delighted to have recently established a partnership with Rushcliffe Academy in West Bridgford, supporting them in delivering Latin GCSE as a twilight course to their most able linguists. Following an initial visit in July, Mr Pollock and Mr Harper returned to the school last week to deliver what was a very exciting and dynamic taster introducing a new cohort of budding Latinists to the beauty of the language and the culture of Ancient Rome. Mr Pollock’s session focused on the influence of Latin on the English, French and Spanish languages, using the opening stages of the Cambridge Latin Course as its stimulus, while Mr Harper conducted a whistle stop tour of a Roman legionary’s equipment, giving the pupils the opportunity to handle a replica spear (pilum) and sword (gladius), as well as the chance to look at some genuine Roman pottery! The pupils made for a captive audience and it would be fair to say that a good time was had by all. We look forward to continuing to support our partner school and sharing our love of the classical world and its languages with them.