A hat-full of Hatfields 07.07.14

A hat-full of Hatfields

This year’s OLA Tennis match must be unique with the entire OLA team coming of one family:  the Hatfields.  Particular mention must be made of Mr Chris Hatfield who left LGS sixty-one years ago.

Each pair played four sets against each opposition pair and in the end the School came out on top by 10 sets to 6.

The School team (from left to right) was Robbie Kroon, Tim Gradon, Tom Hall, Kane Richards, Will Dobson, Nikolay Irmanov, Andrew Taylor, Ethan Stratford.  The OLA Eight included three generations, again from left to right:  Steve Hatfield (OL 73-80), Nigel Hatfield (OL 75-82), Oliver Hatfield (OL 02-09), James Hatfield (OL 05-12), Chris Hatfield (OL 45-53), Will Hatfield (OL 06-11), Andrew Hatfield (OL 79-86), Tom Hatfield (OL 02-12).