Art and Design Excellence 27.06.14

This year’s exhibition of examination art and design projects attracted a very large number of visitors and was a superb exposition of the enormous skill of our budding artists and designers.

The Art Department was bursting at the seams with work from Year 9 boys undertaking the Foundation Level examination as well as GCSE and A Level work, all of which was quite superb and some truly outstanding.  It was great to see the innovative quality of many of the pieces on display and the artists must be highly praised for their courage in approaching the topics set with such verve and confidence.

In the Design Studios, the pieces on show displayed the same level of excellence and innovation, employing a very wide range of materials and expertise.  Let us hope that in the future the country will see fit to exploit these skills and start to make things again:  we were once good at that!

Congratulations must go to all the artists and not least, their teachers for a magnificent show.