Back to the 80s 09.07.13

Thirty-something Corey Palmer is looking back on his final year at high school and what a twisted web it wove.  He is in love with gorgeous Tiffany, who in turn fancies Michael Feldman, who is out to destroy Corey’s chances of becoming Class President at any cost and who is not a very nice person.  But that’s not all, nerdy Feargal McFerrin III, who is convinced CDs will take over from tapes (what an idiot!), is also in the running and when new girl Eileen arrives an already convoluted plot thickens even further.  Throw in an affair between two teachers, one of whom appeared in, let’s say, a risqué magazine and we have a show.

This year’s leavers went out in blaze of glory with a superb rendition of the hit musical “Back to the 80s”.  Full of colour, enthusiasm, excellent performances, skilfully played music and a lot of humour it had the audience standing in the aisles at the end.  Well done everyone!