CSI Loughborough 04.03.13

As part of 3M’s Science Innovators Series, the Grammar School and the High School each sent a team of four to the Science Detectives Challenge:  the Grammar School team was Ryan Cheung; Mantraraj Lad; Charlie Robson and George Shooter-Dodd.


The task was to solve a case of vandalism on a dress designed for Lady Gaga.  The first task was to gather evidence from the crime scene, so, dressed in white forensic overalls and nitrile gloves to prevent contamination of the evidence, they gathered fibre samples and lifted finger prints, photographing everything as they went along.

After the evidence collection the intrepid forensic scientists went to the labs to analyse the evidence.  This included fluorescing finger prints on sticky surfaces, infra-red spectroscopy on a substance smelling of eucalyptus oil and, finally, a session of microscopic fibre identification.  With all the evidence collected and with all the results from the analysis in hand we returned to school to complete our evidence reports by April.

Thanks are due to Mr Morse from LGS, Mrs Ghaly from LHS and, of course, to 3M for organising this interesting competition.