Deathly dilemma 05.07.12

‘Decisions’ was performed by members of Year 8 MAD club (music, arts and drama) as part of the Year 8 Drama Festival. The boys were wholly responsible for formulating an original idea and then creating a ten minute performance, including lighting, sound and props. The audience was quite spellbound by their mature performance.

When deciding on the theme, discussions led the group to consider some of the difficult decisions we have to make in life, and how easy it is to apportion blame but how difficult it is to forgive. At the beginning of the play, Ben Wilcox is in a coma and his conscience is battling with ideas of blame and forgiveness. Ben’s younger brother, Sam, is drawn into the battle. Was he really guilty of causing his brother’s coma or was it an accident? Sam has to make a decision. Should he live and kill his brother or let his brother live but die?