Designs on Art 02.07.12

This year’s Art and Design Show, held on 29th June, once again revealed the wealth of artistic and design talent at LGS.

The quality of the pieces on show in the Art Department is a fitting tribute to the work of Miss Pauline Cumine, who has been at LGS since 1988 and retires this year, and Miss Emily Johnson, who will be picking up the reins from September.  Those who attended could not fail to admire the skill shown by these artists of all ages.  As always it was the variety of styles which impressed most:  from detailed pencil drawing to fine figure painting, from Pop Art to more traditional sculpture, from mobiles to watercolours.

The pieces on display in the Design Technology Centre also showed both the skill and innovation of the boys.  Intricate designs in a range of materials sat alongside working models and engineering structures:  we have come a long way from good old-fashioned woodwork and metalwork!