EMACT Latin and Greek Reading Competition 29.11.16

EMACT Latin and Greek Reading Competition 23 November 2016

On Wednesday 23rd November, 21 LGS boys headed off to Nottingham Girls High School to take part in the annual EMACT Latin and Greek Reading Competition. The event was hotly contested with around 100 contestants from 6 local schools taking part. We put forward entries in all 6 categories and there were some superb recitations with beautiful and authentic pronunciation of the Latin and Greek but particular mention must go to Issac Jacob (11NAL-C) and Michael Pitchers (13NDP) who came first in the Intermediate Greek and Senior Greek categories respectively. Full results below…


Intermediate Latin:          3rd place – Hartej Saund


Intermediate Greek:        Highly Commended – Yaseen Caratela

1st place – Issac Jacob


Senior Latin:                  3rd place – Joe Ross-Biddles


Senior Greek:                 3rd place – Joe Ross-Biddles

1st place – Michael Pitchers