GCSEs make the grade 21.08.14

Year 11 boys were for the most part delighted with their GCSE results this year and they were very much in line with results from previous years.

Headmaster, Mr Paul Fisher, commented:  “These are very pleasing results from a very large cohort (159 boys).  Across the curriculum results have been very good – in both History and Geography boys gained over 40 A*s; in Languages, Ancient and Modern, over 2/3rds of the boys gained an A* or an A, as did over 100 boys in Physics. The boys and their teachers deserve our warmest congratulations and we have the foundations for an excellent Year 12 for the year ahead.”

Candidates         159

%A*                      29.1

%A*-A                  60.0

%A*-B                  83.6

%A*-C                  94.6

  • Almost 30% at A* and 60% A*-A :  this represents an impressive performance from a very large boy cohort
  • 6 boys gained 9 or more A* grades, 5 having A*s in all their subjects
  • 14 boys gained 8 or more A*grades
  • 65 A* grades achieved in Maths  (41% of the entry)