London’s Docklands 11.06.15

The Year 12 Geographers paid their annual visit to London’s Docklands in early June as part of the work they have to do for the World Cities element of their A Level course.  The aim of the day was to see at first hand the redevelopment of the area since the 1980s and to assess the success of the various projects which have been implemented.  Sites visited included Limehouse Basin, Commercial Road, Canary Wharf and the Royal Docks.  As usual, land use and environmental surveys were carried out and people were asked to respond to questionnaires:  once back at School, the data is used to produce a detailed report on the area.

We have run the trip now for over ten years and have seen the impact of the recession on the area since 2007.  This year, after a few years when there were many fewer people about, the area seems to back to normal and the streets were once again bustling with workers from the financial sector.  Also, there appears to be an inordinate amount of building going on, not least the huge London City Island development – there are obviously optimists out there.