Mathematical Magician 20.02.13

Matei Mandache was one of just two students in the country to get full marks in the second round of the British Mathematical Olympiad, a three and a half hour long examination taken by students around the country shortly before half-term. Matei had already got full marks in the first round. As a result of his excellent performances, he has been selected to represent the UK next week (starting on Wednesday 27th February) in the elite Romanian Master of Mathematics competition in Bucharest, competing against the best Olympiad countries in the world. This will be the third time in the last twelve months that Matei has represented the UK in a major maths competition abroad, having already been to Turkey (for the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad) and Argentina (for the International Mathematical Olympiad) with the UK team.

The adult who will be in charge of taking the team to Romania is Jonathan Lee, who is an old boy of LGS, having left in 2008, the year in which he himself went to the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition, and won a Gold Medal. Jonathan is now studying for a PhD in Maths in Cambridge. Jonathan’s sister Elizabeth, who is at Loughborough High School, will be representing the UK in the European Girls’ Maths Olympiad, during the Easter holidays, for the second year in a row.