Maths Masterclass 18.11.15

On Thursday 12th November (2015), LGS competed in the regional heat of the ‘Senior Team Mathematics Challenge’, against 17 other teams from schools in or near Leicestershire.

The four students in our team were Anuj Doshi (in Year 13), Sean McGuire and Jonathan Yang (both in Year 12), and Daniel Cropper (in Year 11).

With impressive competitiveness and self-motivation the team had already practised for several consecutive lunchtimes at school; they had also made a fine job of memorising lists of square numbers and cube numbers, etc., in preparation for the actual contest, which was held at Loughborough University.

The competition really couldn’t have gone any better, and the practice certainly seemed to have paid off. After the first two rounds – the group round, in which the team answered ten questions as a team, and the crossnumber, in which our team was split into pairs to answer either the down or the across clues – LGS had a perfect score. In the most demanding third and final round, the relays, with heavy time pressure, we also made no mistakes, just getting a couple of time faults in one of the exercises.

LGS won, and were actually very comfortable winners overall, with an almost perfect winning score of 98%, very clearly ahead of second placed Twycross House, who had 81%, and Uppingham, who were third.  LGS lost only 3 marks out of 180, while the next best team lost 35 marks out of 180.

Our team will now go on to compete in the national final in London, on Tuesday 2nd February – it is the eighth time in the last nine years that we have won the regional heat and therefore reached the final.