New Astro Pitch is Ready! 11.01.19

It comes as a great pleasure to announce that the new School astro-turf facility will be ready for use on Monday 14 January. Both Mr Sutcliffe and Mr Clarke have spent almost 18 years together working tirelessly to encourage and facilitate the growth of their beloved sport. They, along with Dr Rhodes, very much hope that all the pupils will benefit from this new facility, enjoy it, take care of it and flourish on it. Mr Jez Clarke, Director of Hockey, said, “I wish to thank the Senior Leadership Team, our Estates Department, many Old Boys and their families and, of course, current parents and players for providing a huge amount of support that has empowered us to keep aiming high. I must especially thank Mr Sutcliffe for the time and support he has given to the Hockey family… we finally got there!”