New Directors 11.02.14

Sunday 9th February saw a change in the traditional New Directors’ Season with five pieces being presented at two venues, all written and directed by students.

At the LGS Drama Studio the audience witnessed a very varied programme:  Dead Funny was a take on the traditional murder mystery with a real murder interrupting a “a very bad” performance of a stage play; Superliminal was an audience-led, command based performance instructing a girl to escape from a box; Prism was about a man who finds himself on death row not knowing whether he committed a murder or not.

At the LHS Drama Studio two performances explored very different themes:  Prism dealt with the traumas faced by a boy who starts to hear and see things, things which take over his life and end in dire consequences; Dust, a one-hander, looked at the process of ageing and death.

Huge congratulations must go to everyone involved for a splendid and thought-provoking series of performances.