One Director Charts His Success 28.11.13

If members of the school had been asked last week who or what connects a story about a successful German invasion of Britain in 1944 with a tale of warring Indian restaurant owners in the Golden Mile in Leicester they would have been hard pressed to come up with the right answer until Tuesday morning when Amit Gupta, screen writer, playwright and film director and Old Loughburian (1984-1991) framed the answer for them in Assembly.

The BAFTA-nominated director of “Resistance”, based on the novel of the same name by Owen Sheers and the recently-released “Jadoo”, adapted from his own original BBC Radio play, spoke about his passion for film and his determination to do what he now does for a living.  Tracing his “good luck” following a chance meeting on a train, he told the school how he won the Young Writers’ competition at The Royal Court Theatre after a degree in History at Nottingham University and a post-graduate course at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and how his focus on becoming a film-maker was inspired by the education experienced and self-discipline developed when he was at the school.

During the rest of his day at school he spoke at length to aspiring film-makers and directors in various Year group classes and admired the outstanding facilities for and achievements of drama on display in the Queen’s Building.  Those who were lucky enough to have tutorials with him were hugely impressed, not only by his technical accomplishments but also by the range of people from the world of film and theatre with which he is connected.

It is true to report that all who met him were inspired and encouraged by his considerable success in a notoriously fickle and difficult industry.