One more Cornetto 08.05.14

25 LGS boys and 15 LHS girls accompanied by 5 teachers jetted off to the Bay of Naples for 5 days over Easter. Amongst other things, they were able to wander the streets of Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as ascend Mt Vesuvius which was responsible for the destruction of them both in AD79. They also visited Cumae, the supposed site of Aeneas’ entry to the Underworld in Virgil’s famous poem, the Aeneid. The weather was beautiful, the ice cream delicious and the pupils behaved extremely well and enjoyed learning about the region in which Caecilius (the hero of the Cambridge Latin Course) lived and worked!

Thanks go to the staff who led the trip: N. Pollock, N. Lipatov-Chicherin, T. Moseley, J. Lewis, G. Burton.