Out of this World 08.03.13

“Return to the Forbidden Planet”, a “jukebox musical” based on The Tempest and the 1950s Science Fiction film Forbidden Planet , is a formidable piece of theatre to carry off.  In the Studio Theatre this week it was carried-off formidably by a superb ensemble cast supported by magnificent scenery, stunning lighting, extraordinary choreography, memory-evoking music and songs and extra-special special effects – in fact, it was out of this world.

Before the show took off, the passengers were ushered to their seats by the crew of the US Star-Ship Albatross and instructed how deal with the Polarity Reversal Procedure in case of emergencies . . . and then they were away, transported to deep space by a very convincing simulated take-off, after which there was no stopping the young and extremely talented cast who clearly relished the wit and style of the show in which they were taking part.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful production but especially to the Director, (Miss) Sally Boon, the Producer (Mrs) Louise Welsby, the Musical Director (Mr) David Morris and especially to (Mr) Peter Viccars and (Miss) Jackie Partridge whose set design and costumes lifted the show into the category of extraordinary.  It was an outstanding show of which every single member of the company can be unashamedly proud.

A full review of the show will appear in the Loughburian in due course: watch this space.