Shakespeare meets Grease 21.11.14

At the end of November, the Curve Theatre Studio was the venue for the annual Shakespeare for Schools Festival and this year the Loughborough Endowed Schools Drama Department put on a quite remarkable performance of The Taming of the Shrew.  Performing last of the four schools taking part on the night and on a totally unfamiliar stage, the boys and girls could easily have let their nerves take over, but, as always, they were professional to a fault.

The audience was treated to a non-stop, energetic production:  there was so much happening on stage, it was difficult to know where to look first, and the overall impression was stunning.  If they were expecting a traditional interpretation of this well-loved classic, they were in for a surprise.  Gone were the trappings of the late 16th century and in their place the boys donned the Thunderbird leathers and the girls the dazzling Pink Lady jackets and polka dot skirts we all remember from Grease.  Add to that the suitably 60s hairdos and good old rock and roll music and you have the recipe for something special and the dish itself was certainly very tasty.

Clearly the whole team:  the boys and girls on stage, their teachers and the technicians, had worked extremely hard and I am sure they all came away thrilled with what they had achieved – if not, why not, you were all brilliant.