Technological Exploration 30.11.15

Loughborough Grammar School pupils have been enjoying an exciting phase of technological exploration. From 3D printing to humanoid robots to virtual reality headsets, the opportunities to create innovative projects have never been greater.

The Computing Department has led the way, encouraging students to participate in a huge variety of clubs, including animation club, app making club, gaming club, programming club and STEM club, which encompasses robotics and electronics. STEM Club has provided access to new technology such as Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino kits and Lego Mindstorms to fuel their creativity to find new ways in which technology can be used in the wider world. The schools recently purchased a NAO Humanoid Robot and staff are already beginning to see lower school students challenge themselves by writing complicated and creative programs for it to execute.

School teams have reached the finals of STEM competitions including TeenTech, Big Bang and Google Science Fair. Many students now explore App making and Game Making, with a large number of students having their own YouTube channels. Senior A Level Computing students have produced complicated games as part of their A Level submissions, and this year a team has been selected for the Nuffield research placement for their STEM project.