Teen Tech Triumph 16.07.14

The Grand Final of the second TeenTech Awards showcased yet again the fantastic ideas and inventiveness of young people. Thirty seven teams of finalists came together at the Royal Society on 25th June to decide who would be the winners in eleven different categories. The day was very busy but rewarding Including the visit of the Duke of York who visited all 37 finalists, James May from Top Gear and Stephen Fry who both spent several hours with the teams discussing their ideas.  We had two teams competing his year:-

Team S.P.E.A.R. entered the education category and came up with an idea to revolutionise the athletics training in schools and clubs. S.P.E.A.R (Sports & Physical Education Assistant Repository) links technology placed inside sports equipment to a mobile app which gives athletics and coaches dynamic feedback and helps individuals to beat their own records.

Team Denton came up with the idea of a domestic biogas generator. They recognised the potential energy crisis and how it could enormously impact the lives of thousands of people living in less advantaged areas in the UK and throughout the world. They believe that their product can provide a stable energy source to households and even villages, using the potential energy stores in the waste that is most commonly disposed – food waste.

Team S.P.E.A.R were crowned champions of the Education Category and will attend Buckingham Palace in the Autumn this year to receive certificates.   Team Denton narowly missed out in the energy category but the day before, exhibiting at the Rico Arena,  they did get through to the next round of the Big Bang Competition.