Time to reflect 22.06.13

Throughout the year a group of Year 12 boys in our Voluntary Service Unit visit and care for a group of elderly people in Loughborough and each Summer Term they all have a day out on our CCF Field Day.  In past years various stately homes have been the destination, but this year a trip to the National Memorial Arboretum was arranged.

The NMA have a series of organised “Days”, including “Forties Friday”, and since Field Day was on a Friday, it seemed an appropriate choice.  The day was certainly varied and included a welcome talk, participation in a remembrance service in the chapel, time to explore the site and a roast lunch.  After lunch, the group were royally entertained by singer Lola Lamour, who went through a repertoire of songs from the ‘40s and ‘50s with everyone joining in.  Perhaps the highlight was a rendition of the Andrews Sisters’ “Rum and Coca Cola” in which Lola was joined by two of the VSU lads masquerading as two of the aforementioned group.

Before everyone left there was time for further reflection on what the NMA represents and no doubt many memories had been reawakened.  It was a splendid day and both teachers and boys who made it special for the ladies must be applauded for all they did.

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