Turning Tortoise 03.06.15

11 boys and 3 staff (NAL, NDP and DR) visited Hadrian’s Wall this half term.  In spite of the recent spate of bad weather, they were only rained on once and the breeze was in fact welcome as they worked up a sweat walking upwards of 30 km along the wall.  They visited the fantastic Vindolanda Fort where the famous wooden tablets (the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain) were discovered; the Roman Army Museum was as engaging and informative as ever; at Arbeia Fort, they met and chatted to two Romans reclining for their dinner and at Chester’s Fort they were trained in Roman fighting methods by a Roman drill sergeant!  The trip was a great success and I’m delighted to say that the whole group kept a very good pace along the wall and survived with no more than the odd blister!